Saturday, 26 February 2011

Short Intro About Me

   Pertama-tama dan selama-lamanya marilah kita mengucapkan syukur kepada Allah s.b.t kerana dengan limpah kurnianya kita masih lagi dapat hidup dalam negara yang aman ini. Dan selawat serta salam ke atas junjungan besar kita, Nabi Muhammad s.a.w kerana dengan jerih payah baginda serta para sahabat dapat kita merasai dua nikmat yang terbesar iaitu nikmat iman dan nikmat islam. *ayat femes bebudak kisas gune time nk bukak majlis. 

Assalamualikum.,.ana ukhtukum fil islam. *satu lg ayt yg digunakan bdk kisas time nk kenalkn diri.
Name syafiqah. Current school at Sultan Alam Shah Islamic College (SASIC) atau name melayunye Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah (KISAS). never heard of it, go and start googling. My previous school was SMK Meru. I'd studied there for over 3 years. Miss that school like a lot. But I'd never felt any regret entering this SASIC school. The ukhuwah between the students are very 'mantap' lah senang cakap. I'd been there less than a month, but we are like we'd known for years. Lucky me. All praise to Allah, for he who knows what best for his servants.

Enough bout the school, now let me let you know a few things about my family. My family consist of 8 persons. 4 boys and 2 girls, means I have 6 siblings altogether. Be a 5th daughter aren't easy. I always been compared with my eldest sister. Yeah, she's the best. And cause of our 6 years distance, we never had the opportunity to.. err you know, to become close or know each other better. Try imagine this > when I was 7,she went to a boarding school for 3 years. Then, she continued her study at another boarding school for 2 years. I was eleven at that time. However, spending my kid life with my brothers are lot more tougher. I was kinda boyish. I played with whoever my brothers play with and mostly they are boys. I play and play and play all the time until I get a sunburn. A little kid like me that time don't care about their looks or their skin colour. And now I kinda regret it. Back to my brothers. I'd been slapped once with my brother, my first experienced ever. That because I don't want to wear hijab to go and play with my friends. I like to cry a lot. They called me 'ciwek' because of that. Those bullier.. haha.

For all of that sad and tough journey I'd been through, I like to thanks them for making me a stronger person. And that slap incident, had make me realize something. Something that make me want to be a better muslimah. Hehe, one day. Till the next post, salam alayka.

means * peace be upon you.